The LMCE association (Maginot Line of Cattenom and surroundings   

FRANCE: The LMCE invests in the conservation and restoration of the works of the saillant de Cattenom. Since 2019, the main mission of the passionate and active reenactment group is to present interactively the French soldier and civilians of the 1930s/1940s.

Great Hat  

FRANCE: A French film association created by a young director who aims to bring together other professional and amateur film enthusiasts to create various audio-visual projects.

Great Hat stands out for its local projects, both in the members it brings together and in the topics it addresses, with a particular focus on the history of the region. She was notably noticed by her latest film Clair Obscur, a short film about the Ornanese painter Gustave Courbet.

In this way, it produces and produces audiovisual projects specific to the region, showcasing its landscapes, heritage and culture.

Rhône 1944 association  

FRANCE: This historical re-enactment association focuses its duty of remembrance on the Second World War. Its reference unit is the 2nd R.S.A.R. (Algerian Spahis Of Recognition Regiment) which has been very active and has liberated in their area the cities of Saint-Étienne, Roanne, Tarare, Villefranche-Sur-Saône, La Clayette, Charolles (cities where members live).

Its aim is to maintain the memory of the units of the army B of TASSIGNY LATTRE (R.C.A., R.A.A., D.F.L., S.A.S., Commando Cluny, etc.) who participated in the landing of Provence. These units then went up the Rhone Valley, participated in the liberation of Burgundy, the Battle of the Vosges, etc.

In addition, Rhône 1944 is also operational for major commemorations with the uniforms of American or English units (Parachutists, US Air Forc, 3rd Armored, etc.) and participates in events such as those in Normandy or Bastogne (Belgium).

"Le Poilu de la Marne" association 

FRANCE: Founded in 1991 in Epernay, the association "Le Poilu de la Marne" now brews more than 50 members, from all over France.
Driven by a shared passion for history, this team has been working for more than 25 years throughout France and even across borders to perpetuate the memory of the 14-18 fighters and bring to the public an unusual look at European and international history.
The association offers a heavy equipment park: two 75mm guns, rolling kitchen and period camp.

Jean-Luc QUÉMARD, writer and hiking instructor  

FRANCE: Passionate about local, regional and national history, he is the author of several books, including the one on the First World War dedicated to hiking on the various battlefields of the Meuse "Walking in the footsteps of the Poilus", which allows to learn about the historical details according to the different routes.
Registered with the FFR (French Hiking Federation), he brings groups of curious people from history to discover sites of the Great War on trails more or less unknown to the general public. He also organizes on request guided hikes on the various battlefields of the Meuse.

Huberbusch Casemates Safeguarding Association - 164th RIF 

FRANCE: The Huberbusch infantry casemates are located in Moselle, Hobling. They are part of the Maginot line. The ASCH is dedicated to restoring the authenticity of the Huberbusch casemates site through renovation work, historical research and historical re-enactment events based solely on the theme of the "France 1940" period.

It also consists of a full-fledged re-enactment group, "the guard of the 164th RIF", representing the fortress soldier.

Cell phone: 06 79 14 23 24 - Email:

"Les Poilus d'Ile De France" association  



FRANCE: The association aims to restore, preserve vehicles, renovate and rehabilitate military heritage.

It organizes parades, mainly the D-Day landings in Provence during the month of August, with the concern of rigour of vehicles and outfits.

Future new members and/or collectors of World War II vehicles (bike or tank) who wish to join the MVCGSECA and participate in an event, contact it by email

The Volunteers Foreign living history group  here

UNITED KINGDOM: This group aspires to present the troops of foreign volunteers who defended France during many conflicts between 1870 and 1945, mainly during the First World War. He also plans to pay tribute to these soldiers during the Franco-German War of 1870-1871 and the Second World War.

The Foreign Volunteers living history group seeks to portray volunteer troops who have defended France from invasion during conflicts 1870-1945. They are currently concentrating on WW1 and plan to also cover the Franco-Prussian war and WW2.

151st Line Infantry Regiment  

USA: 151st Line Infantry Regiment Re-enactment Association.

Twentieth Century Warfare Society  

UNITED KINGDOM: A reconstruction association that aims to recreate the armed and civilian forces of the twentieth century.

EPERON Association 132  

FRANCE: Association based in CROUY in the Aisne with the aim of safeguarding places related to the history of the commune during the wars of 1814, 1870, 1914-1918, and 1939-1940.

8th RI Living History Group 

UNITED KINGDOM: A reconstruction association that aims to preserve the memory of French soldiers of the Great War of 1914 - 1918.

Association 14-18 in The Somme  

FRANCE: Created by enthusiasts, the association 14-18 in the Somme has set itself the goal of promoting the memory of the battles of the Great War and the heroism of the men who took part without distinction of nationality, because all were "brothers of misery".

Reconstruction at Rohrbach's P.O.

FRANCE: Fort Casso in Moselle is a work of the famous Maginot Line. Members of the association who maintain, renovate and make visits to this book, have embarked on the path of re-enactment to revive the memory of the hairy 40, forgotten by history despite their sacrifice. Today, these enthusiasts participate in various re-enactments in parallel to their commitment to safeguarding military heritage.

Association of Friends of the Fortification of the Land of Bitche

FRANCE: Association of Friends of the Fortification of the Land of Bitche - Safeguarding and Management of military heritage Maginot in the northern vosges - Restoration of the casemate and dam of Dambach South - Discovery of contemporary fortifications and Maginot - Manifestations France 1940.

3rd Mixed Regiment of Zouaves and Tirailleurs  

USA: The 3rd Mixed Regiment of Zouaves and Shooters is an American re-enactment association dedicated to the memory of the millions of French soldiers who fought during the Great War (1914-1918).

French 18th Regiment of Infantry  

USA: The 18th Infantry Regiment is an American re-enactment association dedicated to the memory of French soldiers of the Great War (1914-1918). This association is linked to a Great War Association (GWA).

Scenes and Marne 1914 

FRANCE: The Northern Historical Evocation Group 77 "Scenes and Marne 1914" was born out of the desire of some passionate friends of the first world war to recreate a living image of the past.
He invites the youngest of us to know this history so distant but nevertheless so close that it will be appropriate for them, one day and in turn, to honor.

Scenes and Marne 1914 also recalls, in its approach the memory of this lost generation of the Great War, the first battle of the Marne in the region of Ourcq and Multien.
The soldiers of Scenes and Marne 1914, in military garb from September 1914, wear the uniform of the 276th Line, the reserve infantry regiment of Coulommiers in which Charles Péguy fought and died. They honour, between commemorations, hikes and historical re-enactments, in memory of all those men whom the "Der des Ders" has injured or swallowed forever.

"La Tranchée de Calonne" association

FRANCE: Through its exhibitions and re-enactments in soldiers' outfits, the association aims to remember the First World War. It is composed of descendants and enthusiasts in the footsteps of Maurice GENEVOIX, Alain FOURNIER and the 87RI, a regiment that fought, like so many others, in the calonne trench. (01 43 85 58 19).

Taxi de la Marne  

FRANCE: Blog dedicated to the Taxi de la Marne.

The Strategist's Lair here

FRANCE: A generalist site dedicated to the military thing from antiquity to 1945, the Strategist's Lair is hosted by Jean-Baptiste Murez, PhD student in history and professor of History-Geography.

Remember Thunderbirds Group 45 association  

FRANCE: First a re-enactment group formed in the summer of 2008 for the landing ceremonies of Provence under the theme of the Military Police of the 45th US Division, the RTG 45 was formed in association in August 2015.

Based in the Var, it is composed of about twenty members, a third of whom are female and has a fleet of 4 jeeps, a Dodge WC 51 and vintage bikes.

Every year, RTG 45 organizes the US camp in Salernes during the celebrations of the landing of Provence, participates in patriotic ceremonies and numerous demonstrations.

Transhumance and Traditions Association  

FRANCE: The ATT is a 1914-1918 re-enactment group formed at the end of 2013 and composed of volunteers, all passionate about history and especially the Great War.

Located in belfort territory, its members wear essentially the uniform of the 171st Infantry Regiment. Eager to share their passion at historical events, he participates in commemorations of major historical events with parades and ceremonies. Outings are also dedicated to recreating the soldier's living conditions, both in trenches against the enemy and in cantonment.

The group also regularly intervenes in schools, primary and secondary schools, making traditional history lessons much more playful and lively.