My name is Cathy and since 2008 I have been creating reproductions of missing pieces of the French Army infantryman's uniform by approaching the originals and/or official documents.

Since 2013, I have prioritized the making of  cut, sewn or mechanically embroidered badges. These uniform pieces are mainly used during commemoration or reenactment. They are also used to complete a collection or stage costumes.

Through my work, I hope to contribute to the memory of these men and women of all origins who defended our values. Other enthusiasts, united or not in the form of associations, participate in this work of memory such as Mémorial Gen Web

I would like to particularly thank Michel P. and Vivien B. who did valuable research work that helped my family and I fill in the blanks of our family history. Of my great-grandfather EUGENE Elphège who died for France during the First World War, leaving his only daughter orphaned at a young age, we only had one photo (see below).

Left for the war in July 1915 from his native village "Le Lorrain" in Martinique and arrived in August in Antibes, the city where I live. Under the 111th RI of Antibes, he fought at Verdun. But his regiment was disbanded following German army propaganda in 1916, although rehabilitated in 1917.
EUGENE Elphège was tragically killed by a bomb in the Marne at the age of 28 in August 1917.

EUGENE Elphège